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Mobilturi Traditional Styles


Poetry and tradition

The timeless classic style has generated a new work of art, A collection of kitchens with a tint of history, crafted with a painstaking care for details and with a sartorial skill. 
Olimpia stands for class, pureness and magnificence.
Precious details; constant dialogue between appearance and functionality where elegance is a sensual triumph, an unexpected synonym for practicality.
Doors, frames and capitals, finely carved and decorated, make this composition precious, concealing at the same time a functional design, capable of exploiting every space with elegance.
The made in Italy fully lived through the ancient traditions and techniques: panel doors, frosted and polished glass, antiqued handles and retro appliances.
The attention to quality and detail is painstaking, because good food stems from quality ingredients.


Class and elegance

 A variety of solutions in a continuous balance between modernity and tradition, exquisitely Old England style, where the stylish and sophisticated personality of the model is mixed with a focus on functionality. Flexibility of spaces, artisanal crafting and sophisticated materials make Aisha a line of compositions with an unmistakable style. Aisha means life, timeless space.
The English-style display cabinets open up and embellish the environments, creating functional spaces with a unique and original taste. The kitchen and the living room merge together according to the latest design trends.
The definite silhouettes of the decorations contrasting with the flame patterns on the solid wood afford new perceptions of beauty.
Elegant carvings play between the sinuous silhouettes of the open spaces, the display cabinets alternate with solid units, both embellished by silver Baroque handles.
The hinges are also tested and certified because all the components of our kitchens are carefully designed to make our products more comfortable and safe.